Clippings is your source for interior design objects for platforms such as Shoplook, Urstyle, and others.
Some of these items are from pinterest, some from the old polvore, some directly from brands and manufacturers, and some home-made. You are welcome to download/clip, but if people have added watermarks or signatures to them, please respect that and leave them intact.

* Note: Some items may appear to have a black background, but they are actually transparent. *
Throw Blankets

Throw Blankets (!)

38 photos


Easter (!)

17 photos


Art (!)

444 photos

Wall art, statues, scupltures, knick-knacks, and other forms of art.



195 photos


Bedroom (!)

131 photos

Home furnishings and accents for bedroom designs. Beds, sheets, bedding sets.

Books & Bookends

Books & Bookends

481 photos

Books, books on shelves, bookends, magazines, newspapers. Basically, anything you can read.


Candles (!)

66 photos

Candles and candle holders for your mood boards.


Chairs (!)

890 photos

Chairs for your home design mood board sets.

Columns & Architecture

Columns & Architecture

23 photos

Architectural elements for your designs. Columns, doorways, hallways, trim, and more.

Curtains & Shades

Curtains & Shades (!)

47 photos

Window treatment images.

Doll Stuff

Doll Stuff

3 photos
83 photos in 1 sub-album

Arms/legs, poses, hair, and more!